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Bioinformatics Analyst Jobs

Once the sample data has been collated by the bioinformatician or cheminformatician it needs to be analysed, either by applying machine learning techniques or statistical analysis. The bioinformatics analyst or statistical geneticist works with the information to identify biomarkers or genetic markers in the data that affect disease.

Bioinformatics analyst jobs are very technical and rely on being able to interpret large amounts of data, therefore successful candidates will normally have a strong maths or statistics background and a knowledge of SPSS, SAS and R.

Bioinformatics analysts work in education and commercial settings, and are particularly important appointments for pharmaceutical companies as they can help find discovery targets and assist in drug discovery.

Bioinformatics Analyst Salary

The starting salary for a bioinformatics analyst would be $70,000 - $120,000.

While Bioinformatic analysts can work across a number of different fields of study and research, some analysts focus on one particular area. Specialist analyst roles include cancer analyst and rare disease analyst.

Each company structures their salary and benefits differently and some of the perks are fantastic!

Latest Bioinformatics Analyst Jobs

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