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Top tips to ace your phone interviews

Underestimating phone interviews is one of the most frequent errors made. Since employers cannot see your face during a phone interview, your personality must stand out to advance to the next level. Phone interviews are just as crucial as any other interview.

Create a good environment:

Before the interview starts, creating a good environment is crucial. Create an isolated space where you can focus without distractions. Avoid staying in your pyjamas and instead get ready and freshen up ready for the day, this will allow your mind to prepare. A quiet place where you get good phone reception so your interview can run smoothly without interruptions.

Be Prepared: 

Setting a positive tone before the interview begins is essential. Establish a quiet area where you may concentrate without interruptions. Staying in your pyjamas will prevent your mind from being able to prepare. Instead, get ready and freshen up for the day, a peaceful location with strong phone reception will allow your interview to go off without a hitch.


Since you can't see your interviewer, you must pay close attention to what they say to comprehend the questions and know how to respond to them. It is simple to get carried away and answer questions too hastily, leaving out crucial information. Every time you are asked a question, it is a good idea to first listen and then pause. This gives the interviewer time to add any additional comments, and it also gives you time to process and determine how to respond as best you can. The greatest way to make your interview flow smoother is to employ a structure. You can employ strategies like STAR.

Be confident and smile: 

Be assertive when speaking on the phone to ensure that your personality comes across. Talk clearly and with good articulation to present oneself in the best possible light. When you smile, your voice will sound more upbeat and excited about the position.

Ask a question: 

Prepare a few questions towards the end of the interview to demonstrate your interest in the organisation and the position. Do not forget that everyone enjoys talking about themselves and being personal; therefore, ask them questions that will pique their interest and get them going.

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29th November

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